When you start the game, you'll see two rows of buttons along the bottom of your screen. Those are your two active combat skills. Initially, you know Unarmed and Sword skill. By the time you leave the tutorial cave, you could have learned several others, and many more can be discovered in the world at large. You can choose which two combat skills to use at any given time, and that defines what you can do. There aren't really any "classes" in this game, but you can emulate some classic roles like healing and crowd control with the right skills.

It's important to realize, though, that your skills are only half of your character. The other half of your power comes from equipment -- magic loot you find or craft or buy. These items won't just have simple numeric bonuses; they often make your abilities behave very differently! Finding equipment that fits your envisioned play style is a big part of the fun of the game.

Below is a quick look at some of the combat skills in the game right now. When the game launches, there will be several more.



Requires no weapon

Mastery of the martial arts. Not especially damaging, but very energy-efficient. Specializes in controlling and stunning enemies.


Requires sword

Expertise with swords, rapiers, and the like. Swords are very damaging, and can reduce an opponent's Rage.


Requires no weapon

The power of mind over matter: psychic powers! This combat ability focuses on recovery and restoration, but it also has multiple damaging abilities.


Requires bow and arrows

Raining terror from beyond, the archer launchers arrows across a long range, inflicting precise, piercing damage.

Battle Chemistry

Requires flask

Using alchemical concoctions in the heat of battle. Not for the faint of heart, or the particularly sane, this combat style specializes in area-effects of all types.

Fire Magic

Requires fire staff

Using fire to destroy your enemies. This is a very potent offensive skill, including long-range and area-effect attacks, and even some Cold attacks for versatility.


Requires necromancy gem

Necromancy is control over the undead, along with other powers that trifle with mortality. To use necromantic abilities, you must be wielding or wearing a necromancy gem.


Requires no weapon

Understanding the mind of sentient creatures. Also, using that knowledge in combat and other stressful situations.


Requires staff

Mastery of the staff as a martial weapon. Staff fighting has a mix of both offensive and defensive abilities.